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Top 7 Vocal Plugins That Are A Must Have For Any Singer And Producer

May 10, 2020 by DanPlants - Comments Off on Top 7 Vocal Plugins That Are A Must Have For Any Singer And Producer
Im going to breakdown my top 7 favorite plugins I use for vocals and why I love them. Having these plugins in your tool box can give your vocals the little extra edge they may need.

1. Waves Vocal Rider

This is one of my personal favorites, its easy to use and helps your vocals sit in the mix. The secret to using this plugin is to side-chain it with the music. I start by grouping all the music into a stack track in logic. Then I send that track to a bus, from there I use the side-chain option on the vocal rider.
As the music plays the plugin will adjust the vocals according to the music.

2. Waves C-6 Compressor

Anyone who has ever produced or mix can understand producing vocals is challenging. The C-6 compressor lets you compress different bands of eq. So if your vocal is bass heavy you can compress only the bass. Or if you need to compress the high end, you can do that with this plugin.

3. Waves CLA Vocals

There is a right way and a wrong way to use this plugin and Im going to tell you both. The wrong way. Slap it right on the channel and hit a preset. LOL The right way. Send your vocal to a bus and bring us the bus gradually. There is a lot I like about this plugin. I love the 8th delay, Stereo feature and reverb.
This plugin can help bring your vocal that little extra sauce, to help it stand out.

4. Vocal Synth 2

This plugin can do so much I could write many blogs on it. Its best to get it and spend a lot of time with it. I like it because you can get those nice Kanye West autotune vocals with it. Sometimes I’ll bus my vocal to a separate aux and use the vocal synth to add a little chorus to my vocal. That helps it stand out with some texture.

5. Nectar 3

izotope is king of the plugin world, for good reason. They are always changing the game. What cant this plugin do, is the real question. It can transform your vocal in so many different ways. This is another plugin you could spend hours and hours on. Check out the link below.

6. Melodyne

I’m a Logic man by trade, so naturally I was more inclined to use Flex Pitch over Melodyne. But Melodyne is glitchy and sounds more natural to me. It was the first and they got it right. I wish Logic would of gotten it right with flex pitch. Unfortunately they haven’t. I am a logic user and I still use Melodyne.

7. UAD Teletronix Compressor

UAD makes some of the best plugins hands down. The Teletronix compressor is such a smooth and warm compressor. I love using this as the first compressor, compressing a little. Then I’ll use another compressor after that. One of the tricks with vocals is using many compressors so that one compressor isn’t doing all the work.