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There’s Big Money In Music. (Heres What You Need To Know)

Jul 25, 2020 by DanPlants - Comments Off on There’s Big Money In Music. (Heres What You Need To Know)

It’s no secret that being in the music industry can make you a massive amount of cash, but how is this actually achieved. I see SoundCloud rappers recording their music on a torrented version of FL studio. Singing to a ripped YouTube beat and somehow… They’re the ones who often make it big. If you’re sitting here scratching you’e head wondering, “how is this possible.” You are not alone. I’ve contemplated this same exact question myself. What I came to realize about music and the world, may shock you.

We live in a world that preaches “quality is king.” I see so many perfectionist musicians, obsessed with releasing the perfect single. Writing lyrics and worrying about a mix, they end up missing the point. The world doesn’t care about your art. The world is obsessed with consumerism. Everything we buy is cheap junk made in china, sold on amazon. Does anyone care about a song that took you months or even years to make? Absolutely not. The facts are this. Quantity is what gets heard. The people I see who make it are the ones who get it out there. The aren’t afraid of sucking at first. If you do this long enough, the world will begin to listen.