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There’s Big Money In Music. (Heres What You Need To Know)

Jul 25, 2020 by DanPlants - Comments Off on There’s Big Money In Music. (Heres What You Need To Know)

It’s no secret that being in the music industry can make you a massive amount of cash, but how is this actually achieved. I see SoundCloud rappers recording their music on a torrented version of FL studio. Singing to a ripped YouTube beat and somehow… They’re the ones who often make it big. If you’re sitting here scratching you’e head wondering, “how is this possible.” You are not alone. I’ve contemplated this same exact question myself. What I came to realize about music and the world, may shock you.

We live in a world that preaches “quality is king.” I see so many perfectionist musicians, obsessed with releasing the perfect single. Writing lyrics and worrying about a mix, they end up missing the point. The world doesn’t care about your art. The world is obsessed with consumerism. Everything we buy is cheap junk made in china, sold on amazon. Does anyone care about a song that took you months or even years to make? Absolutely not. The facts are this. Quantity is what gets heard. The people I see who make it are the ones who get it out there. The aren’t afraid of sucking at first. If you do this long enough, the world will begin to listen.

Top 7 Vocal Plugins That Are A Must Have For Any Singer And Producer

May 10, 2020 by DanPlants - Comments Off on Top 7 Vocal Plugins That Are A Must Have For Any Singer And Producer
Im going to breakdown my top 7 favorite plugins I use for vocals and why I love them. Having these plugins in your tool box can give your vocals the little extra edge they may need.

1. Waves Vocal Rider

This is one of my personal favorites, its easy to use and helps your vocals sit in the mix. The secret to using this plugin is to side-chain it with the music. I start by grouping all the music into a stack track in logic. Then I send that track to a bus, from there I use the side-chain option on the vocal rider.
As the music plays the plugin will adjust the vocals according to the music.

2. Waves C-6 Compressor

Anyone who has ever produced or mix can understand producing vocals is challenging. The C-6 compressor lets you compress different bands of eq. So if your vocal is bass heavy you can compress only the bass. Or if you need to compress the high end, you can do that with this plugin.

3. Waves CLA Vocals

There is a right way and a wrong way to use this plugin and Im going to tell you both. The wrong way. Slap it right on the channel and hit a preset. LOL The right way. Send your vocal to a bus and bring us the bus gradually. There is a lot I like about this plugin. I love the 8th delay, Stereo feature and reverb.
This plugin can help bring your vocal that little extra sauce, to help it stand out.

4. Vocal Synth 2

This plugin can do so much I could write many blogs on it. Its best to get it and spend a lot of time with it. I like it because you can get those nice Kanye West autotune vocals with it. Sometimes I’ll bus my vocal to a separate aux and use the vocal synth to add a little chorus to my vocal. That helps it stand out with some texture.

5. Nectar 3

izotope is king of the plugin world, for good reason. They are always changing the game. What cant this plugin do, is the real question. It can transform your vocal in so many different ways. This is another plugin you could spend hours and hours on. Check out the link below.

6. Melodyne

I’m a Logic man by trade, so naturally I was more inclined to use Flex Pitch over Melodyne. But Melodyne is glitchy and sounds more natural to me. It was the first and they got it right. I wish Logic would of gotten it right with flex pitch. Unfortunately they haven’t. I am a logic user and I still use Melodyne.

7. UAD Teletronix Compressor

UAD makes some of the best plugins hands down. The Teletronix compressor is such a smooth and warm compressor. I love using this as the first compressor, compressing a little. Then I’ll use another compressor after that. One of the tricks with vocals is using many compressors so that one compressor isn’t doing all the work.

7 Actionable Ways To Help You Make More Money With Your Music

Apr 16, 2020 by DanPlants - 0 Comments

Today Im going to give you 7 useful tips and resources to help you start making money at music today.

1. Start An Email Sign Up List For Your Music Today

Not having an email list is something you cannot afford to do or have. If you have an email list, you have a career, you have a way to reach these people. You can sell them Merch, concert tickets, Patreon Subscriptions. Setting up an email list is super easy and fun!

Mailchimp (free up to 2000 subscribers)


2. Make A Merch Line To Sell To Your Subscribers

For merchandise I use TeeSpring. The great thing with this site is you don’t have to hold inventory and having your capital tied up. You can upload the design, set the price and they’ll make the product and ship it out.



chill bed music
I get all my music merch designs made from Fiverr. Their inexpensive and fast! Anything that I cannot make on my own I outsource to people who can. This frees up my time to focus on doing what I love to do.


3. Get On Pateron

It will surprise you at how many people will support you in what you are doing. Patreon is a platform where you can allow fans to
support you. You can even make exclusive content for them, I give them tours of my house lol


4. License Your Music Today

I would start today by applying to 1 music licensing company everyday. There is a market for every kind of music imaginable. Below is a list of music licensing platforms that you can apply to.





5. Start A YouTube Channel

Don’t let your knowledge go to waste! I promise there is someone out there who would love to hear what you have to share. Start by making one video, you can use these videos to promote your Pateron and Teespring pages. I’ll share some of my top YouTubers who will help you grow your YouTube Page. Once you get to 1,000 Subscribers you can partner with YouTube adsense and start getting paid!

Nick Nimmin:

Adam Ivy:

Damian Keyes:


6. Grow Your Instagram

Instagram influencers make a lot of money and if you know what you’re doing you can grow an account fast! There are countless free resources out there to help you grow your instagram account. And with every post you can promote your email sing up, merch and patreon.


7. Give Something Away For Free

The biggest mistake people make is not adapting and embracing the future. The music industry is changing and things are different now. Music is free these days, those who use this to their advantage win. Those who hold on to the “good old days” and try to continue selling CD’s will lose. Anyone can stream your music, listen to it on YouTube, ect. By giving your music away in exchange for an email you are providing value to your fans, while gaining a contact. You can build these contacts and begin to monetize them. this is a secret to how people build enormous wealth, the use the internet to build their contact lists. Then they monetize them. Rinse and Repeat.
What I do is make a Free Landing Page on Mailchimp or my website with a sign up form that says “Sign Up For 10 Free Songs.”
I connect that sign up form to an automated email series in Mailchimp. Overtime these leads will become sales. Trust me!

5 Ugly Truth’s About The Music Industry

Apr 15, 2020 by DanPlants - 0 Comments

1. The Music Industry Moves Slow

If I want to put my music on Spotify I have to Upload through distrokid, it can take up to many weeks for it to propagate. The industry is still held hostage by these gatekeepers, making things very slow. I recently uploaded my single “Stay” a groovy synthwave track. And it took 4 weeks after it upload to finally reach every streaming platform.


Compare this to YouTube where you can upload a video within minutes and the entire world can see it. Its clear to me that the music industry is not a quick adopter of the evolving world. 
In the future music world we will be able to go direct to the consumer and omit the music industry gatekeepers.

If you are looking how to get you music onto Spotify or Apple Music You can signup to the sites below.


2. Everything You Knew About The Industry Has Changed

In the old days you would write a song, get in a van and go on tour. Enough people would hear you, a record label would sign you, pump a butt load of money into your band. Fast forward and that exposer would be enough to break you, (depending on how good your music was). I love that 80’s influenced electro wave style, the nostalgia reminds me of being on tour, but I digress…
That template isn’t how it works now, for many reasons, but the main thing is, the money is not there. The decoupling of the single from the album, dried up a lot of revenue for the labels and bands. Ever remember buying that favorite CD for that one good song? Vertical Horizon. Cough… My point was you could make $15 – $20 off of 1 good song, surrounded by a bunch of crap.
iTunes changed that and now the major revenue streams which were CD sales, isn’t there. So record companies do not care if you have a couple of good songs. What they care about now is how big are your listeners (that means they can sell them stuff). And are you already making money? If you have a massive audience and you are making money, the labels will find you. Trust me.


3. Music Isn’t Worth As Much As It Once Was

Thanks to Napster music is now a human right and entitlement. I remember the day my cousin showed me Napster. I was standing in his living room and he asked me. “Hey name any song and I can get it for free.” Skeptical I said ‘Bulls on Parade,’ by Rage Against The Machine. And within 15 minutes it was being played on his computer. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. Standing there on that summer day many years ago, I knew how I consumed music was forever changed.
Fast forward today and you pay $10 a month and have unlimited access to whatever song you want, at the touch of a button. This is the world we live in and this has made music priceless, while at the same time, worthless.


Streaming Sites:



4. Everyone Is Great At Music Now

The first DAW I ever owned was Studio One by Presonous. I didn’t have a Mac I had a little windows laptop. I purchased an interface and it came with Studio One. I would spend hours recording with it and I got very good, very fast. I use to duck tape the mic to the stand to be able to record my rock guitar tracks. The good ol days ha. The advent of digital recording has made it possible for anyone, to go from a no-name, to a number #1 selling artist. Lil Nas X was doing music for only 8 months before he made it with ‘Old Town Road.’
This is beautiful as it is terrifying to think about, especially if you have lack self confidence. Let this truth liberate you and become part of the revolution. Remember that there is plenty enough success to go around! Its the haters, negative thinkers and trolls that allow their egos to keep them from success.
Top DAW’s


Apple Logic (what I use)
Pro Tools (Industry Standard LOL)


5. Plugins Have Replaced Hardware

I know a lot of self proclaiming industry professionals will scoff at this, but Im going to say it anyway. Plugins have become so advanced that you cannot notice the difference. Take it from someone who has mixed hundreds of songs and recorded in world renowned studios. Its very simple, you can spend $2000 on a compressor, or use the logic stock compressor. And I promise you, no one will be able to notice the difference.
When I finish a mix and send it in, no one asks me what compressor or EQ I used. They are listening to the end result, the final mix. Thats because it ain’t the gear, its the ear.


My favorite Plugins


Logic Stock Plugins:


If you make music please let me know what distribution site and DAW you use. Id love to hear!